All Hallows Seminary Onitsha
All Hallows Seminary Onitsha
   Our history as a family started on September ... 1985 when we left our various families to be adapted into a new family. The entrance examination and the interview foreshadowed the experiences that awaited us in our new home St Paul Seminayr Ukpor (SPSU).
It was indeed a new home that accommodated our innocence yet shaped our collective experience with the future in view. The hangover from our pampering homes was quickly brushed off by the regimented system that watched over us everywhere through the eyes of our formators. The Chief Formator Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Nwosu, repeatedly told us that a seminarian flies with two wings, holiness and academics. These two wings required absolute discipline from us irrespective of our frailty as young teenagers with the exception of a few individuals. It was a new world where new realities challenged the core of our essence. Yet many of weathered it and moved ahead to our next home aptly named the home of the humble.
    At the home of the humble (All Hallows Seminary, Onitsha), many of us discovered new consciousness hitherto unknown to us. The three years we spent at SPSU had overly reshaped those innocently tender hearts that    were our formators received.
    The Home of the Humble indeed humbled many of us. The challenge imbued us with abrasive courage that backs down at nothing.
    This courageous disposition aided us to navigate through some strange experiences even as the vocations of many thrived.
    The Home of the Humble eventually became the apron from where we launched out to our various worlds.
    Today we are celebrating the golden opportunity given to us by Providence to be raised in one home. It has chemically bonded as one family where our differences are our strongest attractions.
   The future is here. We thank God for the gift of life and for the gift of brotherhood.
     You're welcome to our home. Do please feel at home. 

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